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The People Affected by Leprosy remain stigmatized and discriminated against due to the myths and misinformation that surround the disease in Nigeria. As a result, people living with this disease have had a difficult time accessing quality health care, social integration, social and political participation, and other basic necessities in life. For those who already live in the settlement, this situation has prevented them from going back to live with their families, as some of them die shortly after being reintegrated. Although Nigeria is fast achieving leprosy elimination, discrimination remains a major problem, affecting the quality of life for those living with the disease and their dependents.

Damien Foundation, through its basic project, is committed to improving the living conditions of leprosy patients and their families living in DFB-supported settlements. We do this by reconstructing their building blocks; providing beds, mattresses, and other furniture; providing potable water; and building kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms.

The Damien Foundation is committed to alleviating poverty and giving people living with leprosy hope for a better life and is challenged with the course of humanity.