Back To School Project

  • Goal: $14,998.00

The family of the People Affected by Leprosy often remain trapped in a cycle of economic disadvantage and stigma as their children are confined at home to look after their parents, or are mostly seen begging for money and food on streets with their parents. In an effort to break this cycle, Damien foundation over the years has supported the children of People Affected by Leprosy in DFB Nigeria supported states through her Back to School Project. The Back to School Project provides essential school supplies such as textbooks, notebooks, school bags etc to the students who are qualified for the programme. 
The objective of this project is to: 
  • Take the children of People Affected by Leprosy off the street and give them access to good education
  •  Help the children be economically productive and be able to support their parents in future.
  •  Increase school enrolment among children of People Affected by Leprosy. 
A total of 218 children from Ago Ireti Leprosy Settlement, Ondo State, Oko Baba Leprosy settlement, and Alabarago Leprosy Settlement, Lagos State benefited from this year Back to School Project