Back To School Project

  • Goal: $20,000.00

One of the major problems of People Affected with Leprosy is poverty because due to their physical deformities and stigmatization, they are severely limited in the kind of job they can do which results in poverty. This cycle if left unchecked is also repeated in their children. Therefore Damien Foundation decided to intervene with her campaign to End the Stigma and better the lives of People Affected with Leprosy. 

An annual project to send children of People Affected with Leprosy to school known as "Back to school project" was introduced. Some of the children attend nearby government owned primary and secondary schools where education is sometimes free. While some are eligible to be in school, they cannot afford to be in school.

There is need to support the children with school uniform, shoes, bags, stationaries and textbooks. This project is intended to improve the living condition of the People Affected with Leprosy, reduce financial burden from them and to ensure that the children of the People Affected with Leprosy continue with their education so as to make positive impact on the economy and settlement. It is designed to promote self-reliance of the People Affected with Leprosy, contribute to the children’s re-orientation, live productive lives themselves and be able to support their parents in future.

The Impact of this intervention has increased the number of children enrolled in school. There has not been any sustained support by any Leprosy NGO/ donor to the PAL especially when it comes to schooling and support until DFB started in 2013.