Back To School Project 2020

We are sent some of the children of People Affected with Leprosy (PALs) to school and p...

  • Goal: $20,000.00
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Humane Living Condit... 2019

We are going to be renovating some leprosy settlements to as shown in the picture.

  • Goal: $15,000.00
Back To School Project 2019

The Back to School Project is an annual drive to provide educational Materials and Supp...

  • Goal: $14,998.00
Clean Water Issues 2019

Some leprosy settlements do not have clean water so we are going to building a borehole...

  • Goal: $5,000.00
Food Palliative Resp... 2020

People Affected with Leprosy (PALs) are left hungry due to lockdown and we want to help.

  • Goal:
Lights Up 2020

We want to provide solar panels for a settlement in Akure whose electricity was cut due...

  • Goal:
Sanitary Renovation 2020

Sanitation is an important requirement for healthy living. Please join us and lets buil...

  • Goal: